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I am Nathan Birch and I have dedicated my time to understanding the financial system and the system in which we live. It is this knowledge that allows me to make predictions on the financial markets and where it is heading. This is what has put me in the 0.001% of the wealthiest and helped me retire at 24 in the GFC!

I don’t get my information from normal sources, the mainstream media we are presented is designed to desensitise us to what is actually happening in the world. This media has its own agenda and that is to keep the truth from you.

I have been described as operating on a higher level of consciousness. Learn from me and understand where we are heading! What we are about to see is going to make the GFC look like a drop in the ocean! I predicted this next phase, THE GFD, in September 2016. I was able to do this by analysing markets from all over the world as well as what has previously been. HISTORY always repeats itself.

I always get asked where I get my information from and people are always wanting to learn from me. Truth be told I don’t sleep very much and I spend at least 15 hours a day learning and processing  information.  I sort through the shit to get to the truth and I want to share this with you, knowledge is power and by arming yourself with all the knowledge I have you will be able to survive the GFD.

I want to take you on a journey with BirchFEED. I want to share with you all the best information that is available, I will make it easy for you to understand and quick for you to access.

On BirchFEED I will be covering a number of topics, from the GFD, to property, to precious metals and the DOW JONES. You will be able to learn from all the sources that have helped me accumulate the wealth I have and you will be able to tap into my financial intelligence.

People spend $100,000’s of dollars going to university to learn in the hopes that it is going to give them a better, brighter future but let’s be honest spending that kind of money to earn $80,000 a year is not going to create the kind of freedom you desire. Here in my private group you can learn step by step how to create wealth and escape the system. BirchFEED will cost you less than a Foxtel subscription and is going to provide you with REAL NEWS.

Since retiring I have dedicated my time to help 1000’s of people grow their wealth, I have also seen some incredible results from people avoiding catastrophes and taking the knowledge to set themselves up in the beta stage testing of BirchFEED.

BirchFEED id dedicated to breaking away from the centralised system which we live in, my focus is largely financial markets and setting yourself up. However I do also cover other topics from, space to food and the unknown truths around health. It’s all about a holistic approach to your future to help you live a healthier more fulfilling life.

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